Our leading AI technologies

Image analysis (Vision AI) with artificial intelligence with few images

Create your individual AI-based object or image recognition in up to 10 minutes without programming or expert knowledge – independently and at any time.

  • Inexpensive– 10x cheaper (based on quotes obtained)
  • Performant– Highly accurate with only a few images (from 20)
  • Simple– anyone can use it. Everything happens in the background.
  • Save– Data hosted on own servers behind the Fraunhofer firewall
  • Low maintenance – no own expensive resources, no own servers
Our PlatformLive from the production

Our key technologies at a glance

Technological leader

  • DENKweit Toolbox: All AI technologies available in literature and own AI technologies
  • DENKweit training centre combines all our technologies

Automated network archtitecture search

  • The structure of the AI optimises itself to your problem
  • All processes happen in the background
  • Optimised for few images

Own unique developments

  • DENKweit Anomalie Detektion
  • DENKweit Fast Learning
  • DENKweit Few Shot Learning
  • DENKweit Image generator


  • Proven performance – 99.95% accuracy on 20,000 images
  • Quickly customizable and flexible operator software


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    Data upload

    Upload selected images.


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    create AI

    Using our technology to create your individual AI.


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    Use the DENKnetz

    Integrate your individual AI into your production or processes (offline).


A selection of our technologies

Our DENKweit Training Centre

Create your individual AI-based object or image recognition in up to 10 minutes without programming or expert knowledge – independentlyand at any time.

  • Completely guided – no know-how about “artificial intelligence” necessary
  • Cloud-based to have access to the latest technologies and highest computing power without own hardware
  • Data on German servers behind Fraunhofer Firewall
  • Free demo phase (14 days) available on request

DENKweit Offline Analyzer and Operator Software

Integrate our technology into your product or production. Use our modular offline analyzer or our APIs/DLLs

  • Modular adaptable to your needs. We optimize our solution to your wishes.
  • No connection to the Internet required during operation. Evaluation in “ms” locally on the device.
  • Integrate our technology into your solutions via API/DLL
  • No data business model – we don’t collect data!

DENKweit Network Architecture Search

We do not only optimize the parameters of static network architectures. We adapt our individual solution to your problems.

  • Perfectly adapted network architecture guarantees highest performance with few images
  • Based on evolutionary processes
  • Everything happens automatically in the background. No computing power required on your side
  • Guaranteed best performance with just a few pictures

DENKweit Image generator

Your challenge can be achieved with just a few sample images. For this purpose, we have developed the DENKweit image generator.

  • Generates artificially the necessary variations for stable prediction and rapid learning progress
  • Use of the latest at-the-edge technologies and own developments in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Automatic in the background – you don’t have to worry about anything

DENKweit Test Center

It is important that the AI makes the right decisions. In the DENKweit test centre, you can conveniently set and optimise a wide range of decision criteria. Then calmly transfer these settings directly into production.

  • Quality management of your image evaluation at e.g. a known data set or a daily production
  • Decision criteria and production yield based on big data
  • Easy transfer to your devices within production – no fiddling around during ongoing production
  • You tell us your decision criteria such as length, edge distance, number, combinations, etc….

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DENKweit Toolbox

State-of-the-art and proprietary technologies for the best image analysis in a toolbox. Our network architecture search automatically selects the best from the toolbox for you.

  • Integrated all the technologies available in the literature
  • Constant integration of new technologies from the literature
  • We continuously develop our own AI technologies for their use cases
  • All technologies optimised for highly individual image evaluation

DENKweit Anomaly Detection

Our unique anomaly detection automatically learns with your data. No annotation required. Simply pass pictures – get anomalies back.

  • No data sorting. Simply image data in – result out
  • Complete in-house development. Based on generative neural networks
  • Captures unknown errors from your production. Additional shield for the highest quality

DENKweit Pipeline

Handles the complete data flow for you, pre-processes your data and decides the right and best outputs for you. DENKweit Pipeline is your data assistant.

  • Manages and selects the best networks for you.
  • Pre- and post-processing of data and control of any data flows and storage
  • Incorporation of own algorithms such as e.g. from OpenCV for in- and output possible
Höchste Performance

DENKweit Instant KPI

Your performance from the best network always in view. What data is tested when and how? For this we have developed Instant KPI.

  • Live and historical performance (KPI – Key Performance Indicators) always in view
  • Test record is automatically generated from the selected record. Fixed data set for quality management possible.
  • Automatically in the background. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Our solution is individually and flexibly applicable


Quality control in production

Can be integrated into any optical monitoring systems. Decide on rejects and sorting criteria by yourself. Respond in minutes.


Data evaluation in your product

You need an image or object evaluation for your innovative products? You have different customers with various applications? Here’s your solution.


Artificial intelligence for your service

The DENKnetze can be integrated into services or platform technologies in many ways. Just talk to us!