DENKweit makes AI easy.

Ex-Fraunhofer are working on a simple solution,

to make highly complex technologies easily accessible.

Technology first.

Technological leadership also means scientifically leading. Our solutions are self-developed, individual and unique worldwide. We never stand still and continuously develop for you. Our vision is to perfect image evaluation for industrial applications.

We make AI simple.

Highest performance with few images

Train your AI from as little as 15 images with specially developed DENKweit technologies. Easily and quickly reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Independent in the DENKweit VISION AI Hub

Create your AI without your own programming and AI knowledge in 10 min. With easy handling, we combine your image marking and training process for you on one platform. Transparently available at all times.

Technological leader

We make complex technologies usable for you. All currently scientifically published technologies have been implemented for you. Through the network architecture search , the AI optimizes itself for your individual application.

Companies that trust us ...


Increase quality. Reduce costs. Easy to customize.

Automate your image evaluation and optimize your production process.

How do you find the right Vision AI solution for your company?

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    Create your own image evaluation without AI and expert knowledge.

    High performance and cost-effective.
    Take advantage of our unique leading technologies. Pre-trained nets – adaptable at any time.

    All on one platform.

    Clear and transparent in the DENKweit VISION AI Hub – your individual AI training center.

    Simplicity, cost and performance are the most important and decisive criteria for the use of AI technologies. Our entire solution is optimized to bring you easily, independently and quickly to your highly individualized solution and save a lot of time and money. Our solution requires only a few training images (from 15 images).


    We accompany you via the VISION AI Hub as you imagine a cooperation.

    Anyone can use it.

    Anyone can use our solution and thus gain access to technologies at the highest level. You don’t need highly qualified personnel. The transparent combination of image marking tool and AI training on the DENKweit VISION AI Hub platform (no-code solution) enables clear and easy handling. Try it out in our demo.

    Individually optimized to your application.

    Our solution can be integrated offline, locally or deeply into your product according to your wishes. We provide you with a cloud solution if you do not want to purchase or operate your own hardware. Or use our technology on your hardware. Your solution can be shaped individually for you by arrangement.

    Access your AI independently and effortlessly.

    Your AI solution and your DENKweit VISION AI Hub are individual and customizable according to your wishes. As a holistic solution, you can adjust the decision criteria as you like in our VISION AI Hub on the basis of a quality data set or a daily production and integrate them into your production in a lean and simple way. An interruption of production is therefore not necessary. In addition, it is easy to create, improve or change new object classes at any time via the VISION AI Hub – and with just a few clicks.

    Focused on your challenges.

    Our solution is developed with a clear focus on your wishes and needs. Whether you want to create and maintain the individual image evaluation yourself or whether you want to use a service provider such as e.g. Our solution is in your hands to let an automation specialist work. With our technologies, you can also go both ways in parallel. Ask us for details and recommendations for your case.

    Our strategic approach is to work strategically closely with partners such as specialist automation specialists and camera manufacturers and to offer complete solutions to our or your customers.

    Reduce your costs. Increase your quality.

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